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September 24, 2018

Save the Date Seniors! Our first annual Cash for College (Financial Aid) workshop will be held on October 4th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the library. Come to this workshop to complete your FAFSA or Dream Act application. Please bring your chormebook to the event.

Watsonville High School is providing bus transportation to the "Cabrillo College & Career Night" on October 29, 2018. The bus leaves at 5:15PM, the event is from 6:00-8:00PM. Students and a parent are welcome to ride the bus. Don't miss out on this event of more than 50 colleges and universities!

The Watsonville High Robotics Group meets every Friday at 3:00 in room 302. All are welcome.

The PSAT is October 10th,

Homecoming Week (Theme: Disney) October 1-5

  • Freshmen: Lilo and stitch
  • Sophomores: princess and princesses
  • Juniors: Up
  • Seniors: Mickey and Minnie
  • Homecoming Float Building
  • Beginning Monday 9/25 - everyday after school! (3:15-5:15pm)
  • Homecoming Parade: Thurs 10/4
  • (all clubs or academies who want to participate see Ms.Grantz)


Homecoming Game 10/5
WHS vs. Carmel @ 7:30pm (freshman 5:30pm)

Homecoming Dance 10/5: 9pm-12am

Fridays are Wildcatz days! Wear your black and gold – show your Wildcatz PRIDE! (Earn ROAR points too!)




WHS Clubs and Organizations Meeting Times  

The Watsonville High Robotics Group meets every Friday at 3:00 in room 302. All are welcome

MESA:  meets every Monday at lunch in B-2, bring your lunch and bring a friend.

9/10. We have a speaker from Google.

Music Enrichment meets Fridays from 3:15-5:15 and Saturdays from 8-12 in room 202.

WHS Mexicans-Americans Taking Action  Club—(MATA CLUB)—meets on Wednesday at lunch in room 604

If you have a club on campus please send me the information for this school year.


 If you have something you would like published in the Bulletin send it to Pat Edwards before Noon Fridays.




For those of you making a PowerPoint presentation for use in the Mello Center.

The projection screen in the Mello Center is not the same shape (size) as your computer screen.  Usually when the .ppt is shown in the Mello there are black areas above and below the picture area.

To remove these black lines and to make best use of the screen you must make your PowerPoint presentation the same shape (size) as the screen; here’s how.


If you are using Google Docs (Slides), open the program and click File. Then click Page setup. Then change the setup to Standard 4:3 and click OK. Your presentation will now fit the screen correctly.


If you are using Microsoft .ppt, open the program and go to the left hand corner and click Design. Then go and click Page Setup (Slide size in some versions). When it opens, choose On-screen show (4:3) and click OK. Your presentation will now fit the screen correctly.


If you have any questions please call,


Pat Edwards

Extension 6462


Use of the Mello Center - To use the Mello Center: Obtain a “Mello Center Request” form from Pat Edwards and return it to his box in the Mail room.


Use of other Areas - All other requests for using school areas must be made thru the Fiscal Clerks Office. Remember these applications must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS in advance to the Fiscal Clerk’s office.


Catz News - If you have anything that you want promoted on the 5 minute Catz News cast, please send your request to:


WHS Bulletin - Just a reminder that all additions to this Bulletin must be emailed to me by Friday at Noon