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Financial Forms for clubs

Clubs and Sports

Interested in joining a club or sport?  Take a look at what we have to offer.  If you find something that sounds interesting, contact the coach or attend the club meeting.  Get yourself out there Catz and be a part of something fun at WHS!

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    ASB Clubs


    2020-21 ASB Clubs Purpose Advisor Charter Meeting Time Location
    AG Mechanics   Koontz Charter not on file    
    Anime Club To anlayze and discuss anime. Fedotov Hold    
    ART CLUB Sell student art to go to fanime Golden Brown Hold    
    ASB Supports school spirit/activities Grantz Charter on file in class/house of reps  
    AVID Raise funds to support the AVID program at WHS Klugar Charter on file monthly  
    Catz coding club teach and encourage students in computer coding Holland Hold    
    Chem Club Encourage students to look into chemistry Herradora Hold    
    Class of 2021 fundraise for class events and Grad Night Rodriguez Fri- Advisory tba  
    Class of 2022 fundraise for class events and Grad Night Ashwell Charter on file tba  
    Class of 2023 fundraise for class events and Grad Night Jones Charter on file tba  
    Class of 2024 fundraise for class events and Grad Night Sweet Charter on file Mon 12:30  
    Club ECHO To promote the core values of ECHO Academy Krenz Charter not on file    
    CLUB LIVE Promote live music at WHS Kip Allert Hold    
    College Club Promote college awareness Sandoval Hold - Jan 2021    
    Culinary Catz Raise money fro field trips, prom etc. Landa Hold    
    Dance Club Exploredance, perform and meet new people Viotti/Locke Hold    
    Drama Club Provide fundraising events for drama productions Scott Charter not on file    
    DREAM club fundraise, unite and inform for the WHS DREAMERs students. Novoa Charter not on file    
    Emotional Awarnesss create a safe space for students to connect Mrs. Adriana Charter not on file    
    FFA Future Farmers of America Corriea Charter on file In class  
    Folklorico To promote traditional spanish ballet through dance Counselor Hold    
    Friday Night Live To promote safe / sober leader ship and fun on campus GRANTZ Charter on file Mondays 12-1pm

    Grad night To promote safe / sober grad Grantz Charter on file Monthly - ASB Class  
    Hope Club To create a safe space for grieving students to connect. Nunez Hold    
    Interact To build community service, builing relationships in the community Shellman Hold    
    Ivy League Project Promotion of Ivy trip Morasca/Viotti Charter not on file    
    Kpop Korean Hip Hop dance for fun and for performances Hold Hold    
    Lifeline Spread awarness of health Kluger Charter not on file    
    Lunch CLub Educate and eating food. Rhine Hold    
    MATA promote cultural pride and higher education   Hold    
    MESA Math, Engineering, Science Achievement Patino Charter on file Monday -lunch TBA
    Migrant Student Association Provide members opportunity to visit colleges Alba Hold - Jan 2021    
    Auto Club To teach tech engine repair Alfaro Pending Budget review    
    Nerdy Film Lovers (NFL) To discuss historical films throught modern means Krenz Hold    
    Poetry Club To share and read poetry, as well as support Poetry Out Loud Sharief Hold    
    SAGA Spread awareness and acceptance for LGBTQ Alvarado Charter on file Mon 12pm

    SAVE Club To bring awareness about environmental issues in our community Ciandro Charter on file Thurs 3pm TBA
    Seniors Video Academy Club To fundraise for senior events in the Video Academy Mendoza Charter on file In Class  
    Sierra Catz Evironmental Education Johnston Hold    
    Strenght Improvement Opening weight room Lewen Hold    
    Wille fund to raise money to maintain willie Grantz Charter on file Monthly  
    Willie's Wild Workout Get involved in fitness for FREE! Akiyama Hold    
    Yearbook Document history of Watsonville, promoting unity. Jones Charter on file 0 period- in class  
    YFTA To educate youth on important issues Krenz Charter not on file    
    YROTG Bible study, reaching out to youth, encouraging one another Nolasco Hold    
    ICAN club The ICAN club promotes the realization of youth stressors and how to manage them. Rodgriguez Charter on file    
    UNICEF Club Raise money to support the UNICEF Organization and mission of promoting the rights and wellbeing of every child throughout the world. Pelz Charter on file Tuesday @ 2:00 PM Class code: 5cjibpz
    Choral Club To sing Mr. Erece Charter not on file approved, no charter TBA
    FAB (Film and Book Club) Read great books and watch great movies. Meeting time Ms. Magaña Charter on file Mondays 1:45 - 2:45 PM Link: wz2y64c
    Save the Beach To clean the beaches! Ms. Baity Charter on file Fridays 145-2:45 Please email Ms. Baity