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Christina MacLean
Chrissy MacLean

Office Hours: 9:00 to 5:30

Contact: 831-728-6390

Ext. 6403

We are here to help and guide students and parents. Please call our office with any questions about the program, student progress or attendance.


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Christina MacLean Assistant Principal

How much do you know about Credit Recovery Program?


Q:    What happens if I miss more than two classes?

A:    You are dropped and added to the wait list until more space opens for you


Q:  If I miss a class Can I make it up my attending Saturday School?

A:   Yes -  We have a Credit Recovery Make up lab open for  Edgenuity classes 8am-12pm.


Q:   Can I work on my course on days other than my regular classes?

A:   ABSOLUTELY!  To ensure that you finish your course, you can work outside class. You can work from home or attend Saturday Make up labs to get ahead or to catch up on your work.

After School Learning Program

    Credit Recovery 

Spring session 

Recovering First Semester Courses


Students meet: 

Monday / Tuesday from 3:15-5:15


Tuesday / Thursday  from 3:15-5:15


Students enrolled in Credit Recovery MUST attend class 2 days per week... In addition, students must also complete work outside of class (minimum 4-6 hrs per week).  Students who do not attend class can be dropped after the Second absence.  Students who do not meet percentage completion deadlines may be dropped. Incomplete courses will be reset to the beginning.

Important Deadlines:

February 19th - Start Date

March 8- 25% Assessment

March 29th- 50% Completion check

April 26th- 75% Completion check

May 17th - End Date

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After School Bus Routes


Tutorial & Enrichment Schedule

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Across our campus are exciting classes offered in a variety of areas.  Each time you attend a class, you earn hours towards elective credits.  In order to earn 5 elective credits, you must complete 75 hours of after school tutorial or enrichment classes!  This is a great deal!  Learn how to paint, dance, work out and more!

Credit Recovery Saturday Lab

Credit Recovery Lab Hours 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Meet in cafeteria and let us know that you are there for Credit Recovery.

If you are making up absences, you must stay the complete 4 hours.

Any student can come to the lab and those that are not making up hours can leave at any time.


Credit Recovery Make Up Labs














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