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Benjamin Akiyama Teacher
Madison Gipe (831) 728-6390 ex: 6551 Teacher - English 2 and 3 ECHO Academy Advisory
Brad Hubbard Teacher
Ryan Jacobsen Teacher
Dawn Krenz Teacher
Justin Silva Teacher
ECHO Field Trip
ECHO Field Trip

About Us

Education,Community, Humanitarian, Outreach


You are a Leader

You believe in Justice

You want to change things for the better

Then ECHO is you

Who is ECHO?

ECHO: The ECHO (Education, Community, Humanitarian, Outreach) Leadership Academy is the academy to choose if you are looking to be a leader through teaching, mentoring, standing up for others, or protecting your community. Not only are you joining an academy, but also a family. Through developing your leadership capabilities you will make a name for yourself as a positive community member and make social change. ECHO Academy recognizes all kinds of leaders, and will work with you to focus your individual leadership style and explore who you are as an individual, how to be an effective leader, and what you can do for your school. Join ECHO if you are a person who is interested in helping people, teaching others, and challenging yourself.
ECHO FAMILY @ Recruitment
ECHO FAMILY @ Recruitment