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Sylvia Alba (831) 728-6390 ex: 6483 Migrant Counselor
Ivan Alcaraz (831) 728-6390 ex: 6476 Assistant Principal
Federico Castaneda (831) 728-6390 ex: 6387 Counselor - 10th Grade F - O and 11th Grade G - O
Angelica Echevarria (831) 728-6390 ex: 6592 Counselor 9th A-E and 11th A-L
Elaine Legorreta Principal
Cheryl Romo (831) 728-6390 ex: 6376 Assistant Principal
Amanda Sandoval Academic Counselor
Freshmen Locker


Class of 2021

Freshmen Counselors


Angelica Echevarria students last name A-E

Federico Castaneda students last name F - O

Amanda Sandoval students last names P - Z


Please email us with any questions or to sign up for a 4 year plan meeting.

 Parents please call Leandra 728-6390 ext. 6571 to schedule a parent/student/ counselor appointment.  During this four year plan meeting you'll develop a four year plan that will meet graduation requirements and post- secondary goals.   

Ways Parents Can Help

1. Know your student’s teachers and schedule

2. Call teachers or e-mail teachers directly if you have concerns. Numbers are listed on WHS's website.

3. Attend Back-to-School Night each year. Read and keep each teacher’s course descriptions.

4. Help your student moderate and organize his or her life, leaving time for study and free time.

5. Don’t accept, “I’ve done my homework already or I have no homework.” Students have long term assignments and need for nightly review, especially in world languages and math.

6. Set up a place for quiet study – students generally have a minimum of 2 hours of study or review per night.

7. Do not assume that because your student’s door is closed for 2 hours that he or she is studying. Students may be on the computer, but may not be using it for research or composing.

8. Discuss school and current events at home. Use assigned vocabulary words in your discussions or make learning a world language a family enterprise.

9. Read the information on the WHS website under the appropriate grade level and check the WHS web page for events and deadlines. Use School Loop to check on your student’s attendance and six-week progress reports and semester grades. 

10. Keep up on your student’s academic progress and know the names of his/her friends. 

Where will you complete your 40 hours of Community Service?

Check out the Watsonville Volunteer Center's website.  They have many upcoming volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.  Volunteer Center .