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Class Syllables

 Classroom Rules and Procedures

The following rules and procedures are set to help move toward becoming prepare for lifelong learning and success in a changing workplace in accordance with the ROP Mission Statement.

Entering the class:All students are expected to come to class with the materials needed to be successful and engaged in the lesson for the day. On most days, this will include paper, pencil, pen, and any homework or pervious days assignments, that should be turned in or worked on that day. Please be in the room and in your seat before the tardy bell rings. When at your desk quietly take out Journal and answer daily question (displaced on white board) as well as taking out all materials and assignments you will need for class.

Tardy Policy: Students who enter class after the bell will receive a tardy. The first tardy will serve as a warning. Upon the second tardy, the student will need to conferences with teacher after period. If student serves three tardies in a two week time there will be lunch dentation and possible conference with guardian.

Class Dismissal: I dismiss class, not the bell. There may be days when we need a few seconds to complete our work.

When Absent/Make-up assignment: Students will be able to make up work for excused absences. The student will have as many days as they were absent to make up the assignment. (Absent one day- student gets one day to make up an assignment). It is students responsibility to ask you shoulder partner for all make-up work. Turn in all assignments so credit is not lost. I would be happy to help you organize this process.

Leaving the room: Once you are in class, plan to stay. There is plenty of time during your passing periods to do what you need. If you must use the restroom please ask before leaving and request a pass.

Courtesy: At the high school level it is important to start practicing the skills needed in the work force.You will be treated with respect in my room. I do not tolerate derogatory remarks, all electronic devices that are used without permission, speaking when other or myself are speaking to class as a whole, working on non approved class work for other classes, putting on makeup, doing hair or rough housing. Compliance's with these courtesies will provide each student the basic skill to succeed in the workplace.

Classwork: There are some assignments that are accepted late and others that are not.The ability to turn in late work and the points awarded to those assignments will be discussed with each class.

Grading Policy: Refer to Watsonville High Student Handbook Sincerely yours,

Lacey Deverick 

Lacey Deverick



Purpose of project: To make a useful First Aid and CPR resource for you to use in a first aid kit. The phone numbers you use should be relevant to you (your doctor, your parent’s number, etc.) You can make a flip book or pamphlet.

Due Wednesday the 24th

All information must be in your own words and resources must be cited.

Use the following guidelines for your project:

  1. Type all projects


  1. Research and record all your information about the first aid topics before beginning to create your project. You must site all of your sources you are only allowed to use the textbook, American red cross or pro first aid web sites.
  2. Use illustrations (from a computer any site ok) to help show symptoms of injury or steps of treatment.
  3. Plagiarism will result in a zero on this project. Plagiarize is defined as “To use and pass off as one’s own (the ideas and writings of another)”. This includes any “cut and paste” of information from a web site, encyclopedia, first aid book, etc.
    All information must be in your own words and resources must be cited.
  4. Each student will complete their own project you may work with one other student but still create a unique project for yourself. You may not “share” work, you may not copy someone else’s work. This is cheating and will result in a zero on the project.



  1. The following information must be included in project:

page 1: First Degree Burns: 3 Symptoms and treatment; Second Degree Burn: 3 Symptoms

page 2. First Aid Kit Supply list (list 10+ items) AND Emergency Numbers (5 phone #’s)
page 3. CPR: 3 Symptoms and treatment for Infant and adult
page 4: Choking: 4 Symptoms and treatment for Infant and adult
page 5: Severe Allergic Reactions: 4 Symptoms and treatment
page 6: Broken Bones: 4 Symptoms and treatment
and treatment AND Third Degree Burns: 3 Symptoms and treatment.                                                     page 7: Heat Related Emergency: 4 Symptoms and treatment
page 8:
Heat Stroke: 4 Symptoms and treatment
page 9: Frostbite: 4 Symptoms and treatment
page 10: Hypothermia: 4 Symptoms and treatment
                                                 page 11: work cited

7. For extra credit you can choose another injury to describe the symptoms and


All information must be in your own words and resources must be cited.

Name:___________________________ Period:_________Date:_____________
Extra Credit
0 symptoms of injury 1-2 symptoms of injury

3-4 symptoms of injury
no explanation of treatment incomplete/incorrect treatment partially complete treatment




“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”
 Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go! 


I am a California Native, I attended San Lorenzo High School, continuing on to Cabrillo College and received my Medical Assisting Certificate from the ROP of Santa Cruz. I have furthered my education by attending on line classes at UC Davis Extension, and other technical schools. I have three amazing, energetic boys and an astounding supportive husband. I have little spare time but enjoy coaching baseball, being part of my children's home and school club, cooking, crafting and spending time being socially active when possible. My teaching philosophies originated from a long childhood passion, my commitment to promote knowledge and equality among all students is a value deeply rooted within my own core. Incorporating my educational experiences and industry based values leads my philosophies. I aim to close the gap that students face in today's society due to ethnicity, gender, race, social economic levels, and learning differences. Promoting equality and knowledge through teaching respect and professionalism, will allow students to gain knowledge far beyond the core instructional standards. Bringing correct English commutation, computed assisted instruction, appropriate reading and writing assignments  and modified accommodations for varied learning capabilities is the base of my philosophies. However I aim to excel far beyond my base philosophies. Incorporating solo and group activities that relate to instructional standards allows hands on experiences, thus giving students the ability to physically and mentally interrupt lessons. I hope to promote interactive challenges and effective learning strategies that engage students in all areas. Finally, I aim to provide a secure environment with compassion, discipline, respect, communication and professional attributes and giving all students the a value for success. 




Regional Occupational Program of Santa Cruz County Office of Education and Watsonville High School’s Health Academy is seeking:

Health care Professionals to share their own experiences:

-A typical work day

-Where you went to school

-How work affects your family & personal life

-What are the things you do and see

-Demonstrate “tools of trade”

Adding your insights, stories and experiences give our students a better idea of what is needed to work in our specialty of the medical field. If you are interested in being on one or several of our careers panels please contact: Lacey Deverick


WatsonvilleHigh School: 728-6390

Cell: 246-1956