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Amy Shellman Smet

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Shellman says...

Once upon a time, all I knew about my future goals was that I didn't want to be a teacher.  I come from a long line of educators and wanted to be unique; make my own path.  But after a successful start in a career of promoting, selling and educating clients on an organic skin and body care line, I couldn't escape the realization that I was destined to teach. 

Health has remained a thrill, a curiosity, a mission of mine.  Most important, motivating people to consider their needs in life, since these needs drive our choices and behaviors.  I like to prompt introspection on community health issues that always conect to one's family and personal involvement.  These areas to ramp up assertive choices include drug and alcohol use, sugar and trans- fat consumption, and our communication in relationships. 

Once our social, emotional and physical health is in check, personal success is a breeze!  And if any of those are lacking, it will drag on our potential.

And in closure, I retained my Shellman name (after marrying a teacher!) to honor that educator bloood that races through my veins!

People I work closely with:
Sarah Baumgart Teacher
Robert Cornett ex: 6334 Introduction to Computers/Health Instructor
Will Federman (831) 728-6390 ex: 6343 Science Department Chair and Chemistry Teacher
Pete Galvan (831) 728-6390 ex: 6491 Guidance Specialist I
Kristina Grantz (831) 728-6390 ex: 6498 Activities Director
Jack Horner Teacher
Cheri Johnson Teacher
Daniel Johnston Teacher
Nicole Lewen Teacher
Yuliana Mendoza Teacher
Victor Nolasco ex: x6325 Teacher/Department Chair
Karly Perino Teacher
Hilary Reid Teacher
Robert Smet Teacher
Jim Toumey (831) 728-6390 ex: 6457 Teacher
Current Assignments