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Watsonville High School's Environmental Science Academy meets UCSC! A National Science Foundation sponsored partnership engaging our students and community in science and environmental awareness, stewardship, and informed personal and political choices.

Daniel Johnston




About Mr. Johnston

Daniel Johnston teaches AP Biology, Biology, and ROP Biological Connections to Energy and the Environment at Watsonville High School, and is the coordinator of the Environmental Science and Natural Resource California Partnership Academy (ESNR). Daniel is a SCWIBLES participating teacher and member of the SCWIBLES Management Committee. He is the Technology Liaison for Watsonville High, a member of School Site Council, and a UCSC alumnus.

With a commitment to incorporating environmental stewardship, technology, and college and career preparation, Daniel is enthusiastic about preparing students for a successful future through the use of inquiry-based, hands-on exploration in science. He aspires to provide the opportunities for students to develop the curiosity and resourcefulness that lead to informed community members making informed choices. When he is not teaching, he enjoys camping, cycling, playing music, and writing about himself in the third person.

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