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Willie's Family and Friendz

Photos and Scrapbook

Watsonville Grammar School K-12


Grammar-High School 1887-1895

Before there was a High School in Watsonville, grades 9 through 12 attended classes in the Grammar school on the corner of East Lake and Sudden Streets.

Watsonville High School 1885-1901

First High School 1885

In 1892 Watsonville High School was accredited, and a new building was ready by the 1885 school year.

The building burned down in 1901.


West Building 1901-1965

New WHS 1905

Named the West Building, this structure came to be called the Old building as the school grew. It was eventually replaced with more modern structures.



East Building 1917-1990

Third HS 1918

This building served as the Main building for a growing Watsonville High school until an aftershock (six months after the 1989 earthquake) deemed it unfit to use. You can just see the West building at the far right of the picture. 


Watsonville High School Main BuildingToday

1994 Mello Center

This "Centennial building" was completed in 1994.


Graduating Class 100 years ago

1917 Grad class

A look around WHS in 1885

1885 special class
A special class in 1887

School was more stylish back then

vintage WHS

Student Elections 1950's?
student elections

Student Ballots

sample ballot
Willie has changed over the years.

Willie mascot
Willie showing his school spirit wearing a "Letterman's Sweater".

Willie in a letterman jacket
Willie in the early 1960's
Willie at a rally

Basic School transportation.

I have no idea why the boys are in uniform.

old school transportation

A little more modern.

A vintage school bus

This was the first cover of Sports Illustrated  to feature a professional Basketball Player.

The player was Ken Sears...Watsonville High School class of 1951.

Ken Sears Sports Illustrated cover

WHS Football Team 1908

WHS Football 1908

A lighter moment from the past.

Powder puff

Watsonville High School Baseball 1896
WHS baseball 1896

Watsonville High School Baseball 1929WHS Baseball 1929


Cheerleaders 1940s ?


Cheerleaders 1960
Cheerleaders 1960

Watsonville High School Band 1926/1927
WHS Band 1926-27

Commercial Department 1904

Commercial Dept 1904

Agriculture Club 1928

Agriculture Club 1928

Auto Shop 1950s

Auto Shop 1950s

Homecoming Parade 1960

Homecoming Parade 1960


Homecoming 1953

Homecoming 1953

The Queen and her Court 1977

The Queen and her Court 1977

The Immortal "Willie"
The Immortal  Willie


Watsonville High School Band (1988?)
Watsonville High School Band 1988

Willie's Story   

Cartoon about Willie WildcatCartoon about Willie Wildcat



And the rest is history!

   Willie 1951

 Willie 1996

        Willie had changed a bit in this picture.





Willie promised to bring more pictures of himself, his friends, and Watsonville High School.

So check this webpage often.