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ESNR - WHS Environmental Academy


We Go Outside.

Fun + Active + Creative + Curious + Smart = ESNR!!


About us...

The Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources Academy is the place to be if you want to be a scientist, work in an environmentally-oriented ("green") career, or any of the agricultural, forestry, and natural resources careers.

In addition to our required classes in English Language Arts, Science and Social Science, ESNR students focus on courses in Marine Biology, Agriculture & Natural Resources, and Environmental Science.

ESNR faculty are dedicated to creating challenging, creative, hands-on learning experiences, so students can build skills by interacting with their environment, doing applied research projects, working with technology, and thinking about the future.

We are lucky to have active partnerships with some amazing, world-renowned scientific institutions, and practicing environmental researchers working right here in Watsonville to make local agriculture more sustainable. ESNR collaborates with the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Santa Cruz-Watsonville Inquiry-Based Learning in Environmental Sciences Program (SCWIBLES, of the University of California at Santa Cruz).
There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the community and go places! ESNR participates in the County Fair, Earth Day, Save Our Shore's Coastal Clean-up; ESNR students go on cool field trips with the WATCH program and SCWIBLES; and there are tons of opportunities to have fun, save our environment, and work your way to a successful future!

Go Green or Go Home!!


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