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ECHO Field Trip

ECHO Field Trip
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ECHO Field Trip to UCSC



ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy ECHO Leadership Academy group_small.jpg ECHO chillin' at the beach! We're all about school spirit! ECHO believes in Social Justice! ECHO is headed to college! On the bus to San Francisco State University! Walking around SF. We’re hands on for sure! Parks, Museums, we do it all! We’ll never let you fall! ECHO at the Beach! We’ll never let you fall! ECHO at the Beach! ECHO Works Together ECHO Carries you Through! We love sand!
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A little about ECHO Academy

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."-John F. Kennedy .  

ECHO is the Academy for students who want to make a difference in our school, our community, our world.  The student who wants to step up and take the lead.  The student who looks to their future!

Are you a Leader? 

Do you believe in Social Justice?

Do you believe in changing things for the better?

Then ECHO is the place for you!

Who is ECHO?

ECHO: The ECHO (Education, Community, Humanitarian, Outreach) Leadership Academy is the academy to choose if you are looking to be a leader through teaching, mentoring, standing up for others, or protecting your community. Through developing your leadership capabilities you will make a name for yourself as a positive community member and make social change. ECHO Academy recognizes all kinds of leaders, and will work with you to focus your individual leadership style and explore who you are as an individual, how to be an effective leader, and what you can do for your school. Join ECHO if you are a person who is interested in helping people, teaching others, and challenging yourself.